Once again, Zareinu kicked off another fabulous fashion event at the 12th Annual Zareinu Fashion Show in Toronto benefitting children with special needs and their families. В Stephan Caras had the opportunity to participate in this year’s fashion event in support of such a wonderful and important cause. В Zairean hosted yet another fabulous event with all the latest fashions in an evening that was filled with love and full of heart. В Stephan Caras is honoured to have had the opportunity to support and be a part of such a wonderful initiative. В Here is a recap of the evenings events!

Zareinu 12th Annual Fashion Show

For more information on how to contribute or support Zareinu, please visit zareinu.org.

About ZareinuВ Zareinu is supported by an energetic team working together to raise awareness and funds in order to provide the best possible opportunities for children with special needs and their families.В  Through exceptional events, fundraising initiatives and advocacy to combat prejudice towards children with challenges, Zareinu offers the unique environment and opportunity to receive an adapted general and Jewish education together with their required therapies and treatments under one roof. Zareinu offers families a wide range of therapeutic and educational programs directly designed and delivered by qualified educators and therapists and provides individualized programs for each student and works with a dynamic team to implement these therapies at every opportunity.