For all my collections, inspiration comes from the femininity that women exude. I respect and admire this quality. My objective is always the same: how to translate and materialize this femininity into something that any woman can wear, and express this at her best. I never pre-determine the look or the shape of my collection. I am not influenced by trends and I like to express my individuality through a woman’s natural femininity. I let my imagination take me down the path of creativity. I build my collections as I draw from this inspiration, and “feminine sensuality” defines it.


Fashion is not about trends. Trends come and go and do not necessarily express every woman’s inner femininity. Fashion is an expression; it is a statement of inner beauty and sensuality. The way we dress demonstrates our individuality and the depth of our sensuality. Women exude elegance and class by wearing a timeless, well-fitted outfit, rather than following elaborate and short-lived trends. A subtle accessory can often achieve a more desired look.


Colours are very personal. We should not feel compelled to wear a particular colour because it is the current trend. We should choose colours that work best with each individual’s complexity. Our skin, hair, and eye colour, as well as our personality, should be in harmony with whatever colour(s) we choose. Black seems to work well with most people. It is timeless and appropriate for most occasions. However, we cannot wear everything in black. I use black as a base for my collections, but always in combination with other interesting and timeless colours. I am not afraid to use the most unusual colour or texture combinations, but I always ensure that there is a harmony between them. A well-balanced colour representation that is feminine is key to me.