Elastic Band Lab Report 1. A wide range of test methods is available for measuring modulus, but there is currently some uncertainty within parts of the user community about the reliability then plotted and the Youngs Modulus is calcu-lated by determining the slope of the stress ver-sus strain graph. View Lab Report - lab_1.docx from ENGI 2341 at Sheridan College. Young’s Modulus (Y) =stress/strain Young’s modulus can be used in the following equation: F = (∆ ) In this equation, F is equal to the force applied to the structure, Y is the Young’s modulus for the material, ΔL is the change in length of the material when the force is applied to it, L 0 is the initial length, and A is Research a value for the Young modulus of copper and comment on your result. Tensile Test Lab Report Name of student: Lecturer: Abstract. Simulator. It is a measure of the stiffness of a material that is independent of the particular sample of a substance. Use sequencing words to show the steps (first, next, then). Young's Modulus. A beam of aluminium was clamped on one end and the other end was loaded with different weights, ranging from … Questions 1. Use of correct formatting for equations (space above and below, and indented, and numbered). of experiment). This experiment therefore gives close relationship of tensile strength to the theoretical data. experiment were identified. Risk Assessment 6. The graph to the right indicates a sample of a stress vs. strain graph and how a material being measured for Young's Modulus would act upon such conditions. Electrostatic Lab Nvis6002 Read More. We can also vary the length of beam and get the behaviour. Home; ... Electricity Lab Nvis6000 Read More. Static Young's modulus and Poisson ratio are important parameters in hydraulic fracture design. Both have bars with clamping screws for the wires and hooks for the tension weight and loading masses. The relationship between stress and strain of elastic materials is also examined. The Young's Double Slit Experiment Interactive is shown in the iFrame below. Static moduli are often used in in-situ stress analysis and wellbore stability application to evaluate pore pressure, possible breakouts, and tectonic stress distribution. the experiment are avoided as the test wire and control wire would both expand by the same amount and the scale would adjust position ... Background information (what is Young’s Modulus, how do we use a stress strain curve to determine it, etc) 3. VI. Read this Science Lab Report and over 89,000 other research documents. … Animation. Young's Modulus. In this laboratory experiment, you are required to find Poisson’s Ratio and Young's Modulus for the aluminum bar supplied with two strain gauges to test specimen in the appropriate configuration and I. The following page is provided to the student for completion and inclusion in their lab notebook. In the test, the deformation of the specimen with […] Bending Stresses in Beam Lab Report Aim. The Young’s modulus was calculated to be 67.3 GPa. Heat Treatment of Steel Lab Report ENGR45 LAB Page 3 of 9 Rev C e. Begin tensile test f. Remove extensometer at 0.2 strain for O samples, and at 0.1 strain for AR and QT Procedure. Explain why a long wire is most suitable for this experiment. Feedback. See Chapter 2, Getting started on your lab report. Describe a good technique for measuring the diameter. Experimental Set-up The diagram below shows how we set up our apparatus to find the Young’s Modulus of dif-ferent wires. Modulus of Elasticity Report Page 2 #2 Failure). CALCULATIONS The method used in this experiment to calculate the modulus of elasticity is based upon deformation of concrete cylinders under a compressive load. 2 RAVITEJ UPPU In this, I vary the mass suspended m and get the Elasticity modulus of var-ious materials. Laboratory Report #1 Elasticity: Youngs Modulus ENGI23413 Mechanics of Materials Authors: 1. The Young Modulus is also known as Young's Modulus or the elastic modulus or tensile modulus.. Clicking/tapping the hot spot opens the Interactive in full-screen mode. 3. Use the Escape key on a keyboard (or comparable method) to exit from full-screen mode. To do this experiment I will following equipments; g-clamp,1metre wooden ruler, 50 gram of mass, tape, stop watch and materials to write. Theory. It ought to likewise be total and useful. Logical organisation of known and new information to improve flow of ideas. We report on the Youngs Mod-ulus for each material tested with our appara-tus. Viva voce. Optics Bench Nvis6006 Read More. Stress … The basics on the operation of universal testing machine were also learnt during this experiment. This experiment was conducted so as compare the mechanical properties of aluminium and mild steel. Magnetism Lab Nvis6004 Read More. Trimble 1 1. What I want to know is the problems that can occur during a standard classroom experiment that could effect the results and the calculation of the young modulus. Consists of a scale plate carrying a 0 to 30mm scale and a movable vernier readable to 0.1mm precision. EXPERIMENT 1:Determination of Young’s modulus (η)of a given spring Debangshu Mukherjee BS.c Physics,1st year Chennai Mathematical Institute 12.09.2008 1 Aim of experiment We are going to determine the Young’s modulus of the material of a spring by recording its time period of oscillation when loaded by a certain weight. Table (set up for data collection) Determining Young’s Modulus In this lab, students will collect stress vs. strain data for a test sample in the elastic region. A supplementary experiment was carried out to measure the deflection of a cantilever at different … Method 5. Abstract The purpose of this lab is to examine the deformation of a rubber band from an applied load that causes a displacement of about 20 inches. Resources. Tensile Test Lab Report Name of student: Lecturer: Abstract This experiment was conducted so as compare the mechanical properties of aluminium and mild steel. In this lab, we will be using an optical lever to discover out measurements. A static modulus is directly measured in a deformational experiment. Data section includes a top view of the experimental set‐up; Product data have been exported from - Labappara scientific instrument Export date: Thu Dec 24 11:56:09 2020 / +0000 GMT Young’s modulus Experiment The results were then compared with known Young’s Modulus value of Aluminium, 72.6 GPa. In this experiment load is applied on two different places with the help of special mechanism attached to the apparatus. I'm doing an experiment write up for the young modulus. 3. Video. 2. modulus for the copper. Elastic Modulus Measurement J D Lord and R Morrell Abstract: Elastic modulus is an intrinsic material property and a key parameter in engineering design and materials development. ... E is Youngs modulus σ is engineering stress and ε is the engineering strain. 1 Introduction . Set up (diagram or description) 4. There are strain gauges attached to the beam at different locations and these strain gauges are used to collect the data of stress produce in the beam. These properties include ultimate tensile strength, modulus of resilience, modulus of toughness, yield strength and modulus of elasticity. The accurate value of modulus of elasticity of concrete can be determined by conducting a laboratory test called compression test on a cylindrical concrete specimen. Learn about Young’s modulus testing and the material testing solutions we provide for Young’s modulus testing. There is a small hot spot in the top-left corner. Toggle navigation. Young’s Modulus is an experimentally derived value using strain and stress. The value for the young modulus I got was far off from the true value, but I think this was expected. ... calulate the youn’s modulus of the plastic scale. Young's Experiment Lab Included, labeled and organized all parts of the lab report. Scoring Rubric: L3. Theory. Measurement of Young Modulus. In this experiment we try to measure the Elasticity modulus of scales ... 1Physics Lab Report-V 1. This yields the chord modulus of elasticity (E c). After getting all the required materials I will start to fix the …show more content… From my experiment I got the young’s modulus value as 1.82 ×109 ± 1.49×109. INTRODUCTION Young’s Modulus is a material property that is very useful in many engineering applications such as elastic deformation calculations. They should be readable and ought to be provided in a clear and concise manner. Young’s modulus is a measure of the ability of a material to withstand changes in length under lengthwise tension or compression. Young’s modulus is a numerical constant, named after the 18th-century English physician and physicist Thomas Young. Youngs modulus experiment apparatus setup is a complete system used to determine Young`s modulus of elasticity of materials of the given samples by bending. Several runs will be taken for the same sample to calculate the average value of Young's Modulus for the material. Cite this Simulator: Developed by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham & CDAC Mumbai. LAB 3: USING STRAIN GAUGES TO FIND POISSON’S RATIO AND YOUNG’S MODULUS ENSC387; Yaser M. Roshan 3 Fall 2015 . ...Solid Mechanics Lab Report Measurement of Young’s Modulus Sherin Joseph 00549618 Measurement of Young’s Modulus of Aluminium using Cantilever loading Abstract The Young’s modulus of Aluminium was calculated using the measurements of the cantilever deflections. Pendulum Lab Report - Laboratory reports are utilized to describe the study results. The Young Modulus is named after Thomas Young (1773 to 1829) who was a British polymath, contributing to our understanding of optics, physiology, and Egyptology, among other fields. Young’s modulus is also termed the modulus … As the young's Modulus (E) ... (using XY data and report in the visualization module). Modulus of elasticity of concrete is defined as the ratio of stress applied on the concrete to the respective strain caused. Explain why a value … 2 Apparatus required See ‘Writing with clarity, Chapter 4.

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