In Marlin unter configuration.h könnt ihr dies in folgender Zeile anpassen: [code]#define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false[/code] ihr ersetzt diese Zeile durch [code]#define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true[/code] Beim Anschluss des Endstops müsst ihr aufpassen! I am concidering converting from Marlin to Repetier on my E3D BigBox. In der Firmware hab ich Dual Endstops an Z-max aktiviert und Z-max plug definiert. Feb 15, 2015 #4. Repetier. The dual endstop firmware is on the V1 Engineering Marlin GitHub page. File Size: 856 kb: File Type: zip: Download File. I am using a mechanical end stop on the z axis with leadscrews and dual stepper motors. For example, if you have a dual motor Z axis, with endstops at the axis minimum, define the Z endstop in config.g as follows: M574 Z1 S1 P"zstop+e1stop" ; configure active-high endstops for low end on Z via pins zstop and e1stop. * Get endstop status and configure Marlin firmware @section homing using Pronterface and the newest Arduino IDE. This dual-x carriage design requires that the distance between the two endstops is properly calibrated to ensure that the printing from the two extruders is aligned. Marlin läßt in der Grundkonfiguration nur positive Verfahrwege zu. I built the lowrider2 with dual endstops following the youtuber “some old guy coding” everything was straight forward and easy to follow. Posted by marceloarguello700 . Created Oct 10, 2019. :heavy_check_mark: Z-endstop switch is monitored while homing Z.:heavy_check_mark: BLTouch is ignored (not deployed nor monitored) while homing Z.:heavy_check_mark: No BLTouch LCD menu. T… I found that that the variability in triggering of the mechanical microswitches led to inconsistent alignment of the two materials (the X and Y endstops in a normal printer don't need to be very precise). If your steppers are moving the wrong direction, completely power off your board before flipping the plug over. #define DEFAULT_DUAL_X_CARRIAGE_MODE 0 // As the x-carriages are independent we can now account for any relative Z offset #define EXTRUDER1_Z_OFFSET 0.0 // z offset relative to extruder 0 // Default settings in "Auto-park Mode" #define TOOLCHANGE_PARK_ZLIFT 0.2 // the distance to raise Z axis when parking an extruder #define TOOLCHANGE_UNPARK_ZLIFT 1 // the distance to raise Z … Die Kabelbezeichnungen am Endstop geben selten die Signalführung des Endstops wieder. If the second motor has its own endstop set X_DUAL_ENDSTOPS. August 2016. Use dev version in config tool. Du benötigst für den Betrieb Deines Druckers jedoch nur 3 EndStops, da der maximale Verfahrweg für jede Achse später in der Marlin-Firmware festgelegt wird, sodass Du nur Min-EndStops und keine Max-EndStops benötigst. After homing in z, the hardware z endstop is deactivated (unless you have set ENDSTOPS_ALWAYS_ON_DEFAULT in configuration_adv.h, which can be overridden by M120, M121), but to protect the hardware a software endstop is activated (which in turn can be overridden by M211 S0). Feb 15, 2015 #4. Und die Endstops mußten tatsächlich auf min gesteckt werden . What would really be the icing on the cake is if I could use two Z endstops at Z-max to level and then do a grid Z-probing and have everything set. Licht2002. Moderator. The first one contains a view of a mechanical endstop. When looking at the Ramps 1.4 board with the power-plugs facing left, the endstop-pins are located in the upper right corner as shown in the image. Als nächstes müssen die Achsen kalibriert werden, d. h. die Anzahl der Steps pro Milimeter Weg konfiguriert werden. Ohmarinus. he used ramps board and I have a Rambo 1.4. my dual endstops on the long axis works as they should, however on my z axis when the right side is triggered the z axis just stops. #define Z_STEP_PIN 57 #define Z_DIR_PIN 56 #define Z_ENABLE_PIN 62 #define Z_MIN_PIN 33 #define Z_MAX_PIN 32 //to use Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVER in Marlin #define Z2_STEP_PIN 29 #define Z2_DIR_PIN 28 #define Z2_ENABLE_PIN 39 #define E0_STEP_PIN 23 #define E0_DIR_PIN 22 #define E0_ENABLE_PIN 24 #define E1_STEP_PIN 26 #define E1_DIR_PIN 25 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 27 … Thingiverse is a universe of things. Und da es optische Endstops sind habe ich invertieren auf false gesetzt. If the two X axes aren’t perfectly aligned, use X_DUAL_ENDSTOP_ADJUSTMENT to adjust Jetzt gibt es null Fehlermeldungen. Forum List Message List New Topic. Marlin has changed my life and I am not done trying to help make it better for everyone. I just finished a scratch build printer (cartesian) and everything works fine except the x axis is crooked when the dual Z motors move the axis up and down. // Uncomment this define to utilize a separate stepper driver for each Z axis motor. Printer homes X and Y, then Z at the same spot (X = 0, Y = 0). This is what I have in the platformio.ini [env:3DPMARKR_E5P_BIL_DZ_GR_SKR14] platform = ${common_LPC.platform} extends = … HINT for Marlin 2.x. Note that in Marlin 2.x, these constants are replace by an array definition: #define NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET { XXX, YYY, ZZZ } Where ZZZ is the Z offset. Dustin, Great job man. *In the Endstops or Endstop Hit column you can see the state of each endstop. Schaut immer auf den Endstop … Tauschen der Endstops x/z auf min inverting true = Achse bewegt sich nur nach links Vllt. But I have done a mod so I have two Z stepper drivers. Wiring and setting dual Z endstops and Z probe August 07, 2017 09:13AM Registered: 5 years ago Posts: 16 I just ended with XY carriage setup and it work well. From left to right we have X-min, X-max, Y-min, Y-max, Z-min, Z-max. I have been having issues with my Z for a while now and am always having to adjust it by hand. Getting a 5 foot gantry square isn’t that difficult. Embed. Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 Mal editiert, zuletzt von ctc7 (7. I have the small picture framing clips (not the bulldogs!). Erst durch das Homing versucht Marlin den Druckkopf bis zum Endstop zu fahren und setzt dann dort den Nullpunkt. Just added the config to online config tool. Deaktiviere ich Dual Endstop in der … Wiring and setting dual Z endstops and Z probe. helijoy EXplorer. Remember small 1mm moves when initially powering it up, if driving your steppers the wrong way you can rip your machine apart. it doesn’t continue lowering the left side to trigger that endstop. Schaue Dir am besten im Schaltplan die richtige Verkabelung der EndStops an. #define Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true. Kann jemand daran erkennen, wo der Fehler liegt? 07.04.2020, 14:24 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 07.04.2020, 20:09 von Watschi. Marlin_main.cpp:2192: error: 'Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING' was not declared in this scope Marlin_main.cpp:2196: error: 'Z_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING' was not declared in this scope Es scheinen also einige Sachen in Marlin_main zu fehlen. Jetzt rauchte mein Hall-Endstop für Z ab *grrrrr* Ich glaube, da war vorher etwas falsch beim Hochladen der Firmware. Gruss Frank . Ich hab bei meinem Eigenbau2 (Marlin, MKS Rumba, 2. They seem to get slightly out of sync. Make sure that the two endstops are defined in the same order in the M574 command as the corresponding Z motors in your M584 command. Marlin does have Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS, but from what I can see they must be on homing direction (MIN in my case). 3 Comments Richard Corwin. this assumes the following wiring: Endstops: YMax = Enstop Autolevel Probe (only if you have one) ZMin = Endstop Z1; XMax = Endstop Z2 If you are using a ZProbe(AutoLeveling) this works togehter great with DualZEndstops. Learn more about clone URLs Download ZIP. Antworten Zitieren. G28 will trigger homing using defined ZEndstops. What would you like to do? Z-Endstop Problem bei homing (Marlin) Watschi. Connecting Endstops Reply Quote. G29 will use the probe to AutoLevel … Juni 2017) Zitieren; Fettemann. Re: Software-Starthilfe für RAMPS 1.4/Arduino/Marlin 12. Das Problem ist das sich die Achse beim Homen nur ein paar mm in die falsche Richtung bewegen. The large size makes it easier than on an MPCNC. anttix / marlin-dual-endstop-with-zero-extruders.patch. 3/4/2017 07:38:53 pm. Ok, aber um dir einen Sketch zu liefern, brauchen wir deine Daten und Beschaltung. Z-Achse) einen 2. Bearbeitungsgrund: … Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 1. If you use the old constants, the sanity check upon compiling will throw an assertion that these constants are not in use anymore and should be removed. Ramps 1.4 Schema . Tronxy X5S Dual Z Endstop (requires Dual Z-Motor) ... Configuration Example Marlin. Update 10/13/17 – Getting closer. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. (The 2.0 version is on deck to be merged next!!) Beachte die Polung für die EndStops. // A single Z stepper driver is usually used to drive 2 stepper motors. Configuring Endstops on Ramps 1.4 With Marlin Firmware - @section Homing : This is going to be a, hopefully, complete tutorial on configuring endstops on 3D printers build on Ramps 1.4 using Marlin firmware.I am going to use Pronterface/Printrun host program to connect to my printer and issue terminal commands (G-codes). You can just define where the origin is. If you start the machine square and keep the motors engaged, the machine will stay square. marceloarguello700. Re: Using Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS for build plate leveling on Z_MAX with probing on Z_MIN May 30, 2019 08:34AM Admin Registered: 7 … I had a Z probe installed but the wires came out of the header so I am trying to use software endstops, but any time I G28 the nozzle will always ram into the bed. hat jemand mal einen kompletten Sketch für mich? Download our files and build them with your lasercutter, 3D printer, or CNC. // A dual-nozzle that uses a servomotor to raise/lower one of the nozzles // #define SWITCHING_NOZZLE # if ENABLED(SWITCHING_NOZZLE) # define SWITCHING_NOZZLE_SERVO_NR 0 # define SWITCHING_NOZZLE_SERVO_ANGLES { 0, 90} // Angles for E0, E1 // #define HOTEND_OFFSET_Z { 0.0, 0.0 } # endif /* * * Two separate X-carriages with extruders that connect to a moving part * via a … Embed Embed this gist in your website. Bilinear bed leveling with Standard Hot End, BL Touch v3.1 (using Z Min port as endstop), Dual Z steppers (Z0=Z, Z1=E1), BTT TFT35 v3 and BTT SKR1.4 Turbo board - TMC 2209 UART mode. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. Default configuration, using only Z-endstop switch as Z-endstop. Prusa i3 heißt nicht unbedingt Ramps 1.4 usw.! February … Stepper Drivers . Raw. I have tweaked Marlin code to duplicate the Z axis dual end stops to work on the X&Y axis as well. Endstop pin-layout. (This can adjust for “racking.”) Use X2_USE_ENDSTOP to set the endstop plug that should be used for the second endstop. Endstop angeklemmt. Extra endstops will appear in the output of ‘M119’. Dual Z End Stops on Mini E3 V2 in Marlin? Beiträge: 80 Themen: 3 Registriert seit: Sep 2016 Bewertung: 8 3D Drucker: Raiscube A8R, großer MKC 4.1 (ca.300x300x500)(Bau auf Eis) Slicer: Slic3r, Cura CAD: SolidWorks, Fusion360 #1. überall mitlesender Grünschnabel. The top most pins are Signal pins, the middle pins are ground and the lower pins are 5v/Vcc. I am using Marlin Firmware. Obviously setting the correct stepper driver that is installed on the SKR V1.4 motherboard is important. Marlin gcode Marlin ist eine Open-Source-Firmware, die in erster Linie für RepRap-Projekt-basierte FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling 3D-Drucker, die die Arduino-Plattform verwenden) entwickelt wurde. Following you will see two picture. In series or dual endstop configurations, the mirrored motors move exactly in lock step after homing. Is it posible to setup marlin to have homing in MIN direction and this Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS leveling in MAX direction? While your particular stepper driver may differ, the below example is using TMC2208’s for UART mode, not standalone. For more information you can visit also the pages I built to show you my new 3d printer Printerina. Damit der Dual Driver Modus aktiviert wird, muss in der Datei "configuration_adv.h" die Zeile "#define Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS" aktiviert werden, indem die beiden "//" gelöscht werden. Homing isn’t needed in CNC. Dazu sind die DEFINES ab Zeile 733 richtig zu setzen. This looks like a good fix for it and I will be doing this soon.

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