Submarine combat screen. Go up stairs & give the GUIDE BOOK 2 the old man. After you come to at the Under Junon Dolphin Offing, head back into Junon and ride the elevator to the path to the Underwater Reactor. White Wind, Fort Condor, and if you don't have them already, Lightning Ring, Mythril, Beta, L4 Suicide, Chocobuckle. In Final Fantasy VII, ... and take the Buggy back to Costa Del Sol (drive directly into the town). Junon. ... Pay the sailor to return to Junon, and the Buggy will be waiting for you outside the town. Pick up the ENEMY SKILL MATERIA in the near corner and climb back up the ladder. When you’re back in control head south-east and save your game at the nearby Save Point. Speak to the guard standing in front of the elevator and pay him 10 gil to take you to Upper Junon as this is now the only way to reach the city on the surface. Junon Alarm Trick test and results What - Leveling trick to get anywhere from 900/80 exp/ap to 2100/200 exp/ap per fight. Travel back to Junon and enter the town from the side into Under Junon. Once u get the GUID BOOK, go all the way back up, & out of Junon 1.Go 2 KALM & in the only house on the right 2.In there, u'll find a lady. He'll give u the UNDERWATER MATERIA! 12) Load File A and ride your chocobo to the highwind, put it in the highwind and take it back to the stables, then fly back to Junon. To the south-east you can find an elevator that’ll take you down to lower Junon, but another soldier will prevent you from actually escaping, so head south-west and follow your squad, where you’ll get to see the Junon cannon in all its ridiculous glory. I think he charges you a little but you can take it back to Junon. Drive the Buggy back to Junon, sail back to Costa del Sol and drive back towards Gold Saucer. You end up fighting disc 2 monsters "Death Machine (Level 35 with 2500 health) or 2 to 3 Slaloms (level 37 with 1600 health each). Yeah, go back to Costa del sol's dock area and talk to the sailor outside the ship. Talk to the … Gongaga is the black structure that looks like ruins in the middle of the forest (screenshot included below). Enemy Skills: With Manipulate Materia in hand, consider heading back to the Junon Area and taking control of a Zemzelett to learn the WHITE WIND … I hope this step-by-step process helps u get what u need. Use the Buggy to cross the river (shown in the screenshot below). It is now time to travel to back Gongaga if you haven’t already. Also, Junon hallway is the best farming spot until you get … to bring the buggy back to the gold saucer continent, simply drive it into junon, and take the boat back to costa de sol, then when u leave costa de sol, you will be inside the buggy. I don't think it's worth turning back. If the player's submarine gets destroyed, Cloud and the party are saved by Mr. Dolphin and wash ashore in Under Junon.The player loses the submarine they had, but they can get another one by going to Junon and taking the entryway previously guarded by a dog to the Junon Submarine Dock.

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