Sometimes the notes for different systems looked nearly the same. $199.95 . An old Shunyata Python cable seems to work very well with the M51. Too subjective without any real testing, concentrate on things like good room treatment instead of imaginary differences in power cables. But it isn’t so I don’t. Yes, it might have been great to have all that information but that’s a LOT to gather on top of everything you went through. We focus solely on subjective impressions…, Secondly, I didn’t say you were a moron – I just said you weren’t an audiophile. I just got this cable and I have the exact same impression. Thoroughly impressed. lol. Compare Configure Options. This thread says it all. Gold vs Rhodium plated on this particular cable? You are the “Navy Seal” of Audio and we are proud to salute you for it and cant thank you enough for your contribution!!! The only cable I had multiple lengths were for was the Furutech DPS-4. I have much respect for you as a reviewer. You also won’t get that euphonic character – which emphasizes the lower midrange. Unfortunately, it didn’t cross my mind to DIY one of their power cables. And eventually trying to blame them for your rudeness too! They cause a change in sound regardless of what wiring is in the walls. Audience does have a more colored sound – but I think they’re musical. Thank you for your encouragement, Max. I’m finding the gray vs brown thing is also applicable to speaker cables. Some generic 18 AWG SJT cords actually can sound better, more balanced and “raw” in those positions. If, however, you believe the answer is no, then… what exactly is your beef with the lack of “measurements”? Compare Configure Options. No I don’t actually believe they will sound differently in most cases. The power distribution of a high-end audio system is no different. This site has and has always been based on subjective impressions. Hey Dan! Btw, I just showed my blog to my mother and my 3-year old niece. If you could have or can add cables form transparent or nordost to the mix would be easier to gauge as they are generally easily available to try . Hmmmm …. If I had the equipment, I would measure them in a heartbeat. The sound should be the same as there are no differences in the signal coming out of the other end. jay do not let these simple people stop you. It is one of neutrality, transparency, resolution, and body. It’s very unprofessional. Welcome to Triode Wire Labs. I like a room with IT’S own little hidden mysteries. Go get laid! Car navigation would at least make it easier in this scenario, if you get my point. I would like to share with you my similar experience with power cables. An AC power line cord should simply serve as a lossless link between the AC source inside your wall and the DC power supply stage inside your audio equipment; converting raw alternating current to clean, usable direct current- the power that runs all of the ensuing circuitry – is best enabled inside the product’s internal power supply. I’m curious to know what they’re doing different – maybe another layer of shielding? – Were you unable to get ahold of the PS Audio AC-12? In this small article for the Sound Advocate, I offer a summary of the role of power amplifiers today: tubes…. Laughing out loud. I just hope you’re just man enough to admit it. I do not recall any serious reviews of serious cars that say anything like “This car is just fun – I don’t know why but it is.” Rather they say things like “This car is fun because the gear shifting is very smooth, the engine is happy at high revs, the car is so light you can really throw it around corners.” Notice that all of those qualities have objective measurements. But that’s for another day. Have any eliminated the busy time, usually 6pm to 10pm , “noisy” sound? And there’s nothing wrong with that. Enthusiasts should always be aware that you can buy top quality molded SJT power line cords, AWG 14, 16, or 18, of any length, made to utilize your personal choice of C13-type female connector (straight, angled left, or angled right*) on line. An audiophile understands that the most important things that gets them closer to what they want – are in the subjective. Currently stock. If you don’t belong here – you will be dealt with accordingly. Everyone hears a difference when they are told there will be one. The author is a nobody selling bullshit hifi-products, that’s why they have time to reply to every comment. They’re just more sensible (and intelligent) human beings. FWIW, I’m an atheist. It’s impossible to fully assess a piece of equipment from a YouTube recording (“fully” being the keyword). Around 1500.00 total in parts and supplies, but about a million dollars worth of learning. It’s pretty crazy how much people are willing to spend on “a sound.”. I can’t believe intelligent people actually fall for this complete horse crap. The Shunyata Sigma Digital cable has a good high frequency extension and a very good balance of sound. Before I reviewed their cables, I was a bit apprehensive at first. I’ve determined this by analyzing subjective notes taken on cables that were tested months apart. Does the SR power cable sound the same day and night? And should just walk away. Take a stock Mcintosh PC for their Pre Amps, That cable is a high quality copper # 12 about 1 meter long. My search to do better than stock cables led me to some Swedes that have been doing this since 1976 and are engineers first, audio guys second. Now I see how some of us (our lineage) derive our surnames. The first(and a half): you also mention that one should spend a few days with a power cable, and that it may ‘grow on you’. My gut says USB. , So…I’m lazy because you “could respect” the fact I couldn’t afford the equipment to measure power cables properly – but you somehow think I wouldn’t have done it anyway based on what? Revendeur parisien des produits de la manufacture Audiomat. But when you blind test (which are usually done with quick swaps), that short term memory applies differently to different people. Our custom high-end Power AC In-wall cable is a 10 AWG (5.27 mm2), specified for use in supplying high-quality, noise rejecting, non-current limiting AC power while enhancing audio or video quality beyond standard commercially available cable. Given the amount of hate mail I get from the trolls over the years, your comment provides encouragement, Bob. Virtual Music Link high-end audio power cord 9 feet 15 Amp. I think it was $30 worth of materials. We listen with our ears…Simple. Were there any differences in the grounding scheme you used with any of the specific cords? Those guys – I respect. I want to be lazy! It was unkind of me pushing you over the brink and letting you expose yourself like that. Used by a few (some Rowland, Krell and ARC (Audio Research Corporation)) big amplifiers. Great bang for the buck, although priced much lower than what you have reviewed. I started at the marina’s power supply, and conditioned from that point on, I mean that was the only thing that change, RIGHT? Just to touch on a couple of the brands mentioned. Copyright@thesoundadvocate 2021 all rights reserved, Contact editor Info A friend of mine brought a power cable over to show me how it makes the amplifier generate a different sound in the speakers and it did. Room treatment, too little or WAY TOO MUCH.. (I often see that). These cables are usually designed around hollow tubes with the conductors inside. Truth is, they’re spreading misinformation. of any kind, Otherwise. Testing build quality of the cable listing there features such as rated for x amount of amps and voltage. That’s my personal experience, over and over again. Two cables I admire appear in your review, the Gutwire SV-8 and the Snake River Audio Signature Cottonmouth. My little sister would like to get an audio system installed for her home theater and record room. The first switch is a two-position switch that allows the user to lift the ground connection. Don’t you guys have better things to do? The other brand is Audioquest. All you have to do is listen. I don’t wan’t to be at the mercy of what some company wants to charge me for the cable when manufacturing costs are nowhere near, and I could look for better offer elsewhere. AudioQuest's' NRG-2 is an AC cable that powers up most devices using IEC sockets. Or they automatically succumb to the placebo effect around audiophile products. You’ll need it. Gauge seems to have some correlation here.”. You said it yourself, your auditory system is unreliable past a few seconds. Apparently, you’re an objectivist and perhaps a narrow-minded engineer. Jay, from this point onwards…I will call you the TROLL SLAYER! Frans Hals and Jan Vermeer were both Dutch masters active in much the same period. Or they just hire a “wire chef.”. This comment section is much harder to read – and goes on forever – for having indulged some people indefinitely who aren’t at least now ready to be part of a productive discussion. Keep me posted! All cables matter, I wish they didn’t, but they do. It is not very difficult. I was thinking you were going to use that one, as you mentioned that timbre is something you can not change after the source and this is the most accurate cable for timbre. in truth you are the bully. Damn, you’re very passionate about this! For me you are the indisputed king of cable reviewers, and I think in my 40 years of being in this hobby, also for 20 years as professional selling and distributing, I guess I have listened at the most to 60% of cables you have! I find it illogical that any filtering, transformer primary winding short-circuiting, or else (I’ve read various explanations of what is actually going on – I mean the ones that make any technical sense at all) needs the power cord to accomplish. DID YOU KNOW: We try to make most of our products available for in-home audition through our Cable, Component and High-End Headphone Library.The only Library of its kind. 4ft power cable is a waste of money as it doesn’t quite do what it is supposed to do. Glad you think I’m your punching bag, seems everybody wins today. Active components are utilized to enhance DC stability. I will give the Neotech NEP-3200 a try. I’ll suggest that she look into the right power cables. So I stopped there and have no desire it hear other power cords now. So, is it fair to summarize this to the extent that each power cable has its own sonic signature, but that signature is somewhat colored by amplifier or other component in use? From where I came from – it’s refreshing and intriguing. Recieve notices of THE SOUND ADVOCATE'S LATEST articles and Audio Reviews right to your INBOX!. create a much improved speaker. Anything? Thank YOU, for exposing yourself as a dumb-ass and making your intentions clear. Dismissing your audience as morons because you’d rather not state you’d prefer the lazy method of testing is rude and unprofessional. if all the sources are powered on at the same time. So much heart and soul (and money) go into the creation of this artistry. Not what some old scriptures are telling me. We (a buddy I THINK) moved a Mcintosh MX121, and surround system to a Marine environment, on a 45 ft, Delta Houseboat. “It’s a well known fact…”. However, “overpriced” is relative to the listener and his/her budget. Ignorance is bliss I guess and you’re welcome to it. For audio I adjusted the reference level at 75 dB. I have one on my PS Audio DSD sr. DAC. But I’ll have to revisit. That was absolutely brutal. I put your review out there for all to see and many are so excited as to what you discovered and how you went about the review! Also, when you do the speaker wire evaluation, it would be very interesting to see how the Duelund DCA12GA and WE 10 gauge compare to the higher priced alternatives. Don’t blame them, use it to your advantage. As to the why they sound different – I’m sure their LCR values play a part. We write comments here to help you write better reviews that we would like to read. Let's me help you select the right cables for your system to achieve the sound that you have been searching for. I very quickly learned to see through the marketing bullshit the author of this article likes to spout and spend my money on speakers and amps. Your support means a lot, Bricki! And please don’t be lazy , You didn’t start the recording in the same spot lining up these to see the differences will take a lot of work. But yeah, the more trusted machines are over $10,000. No difference. So which of the under $1,000 cables would you say is the most dynamic, open & transparent? You think those engineers have been oblivious to that for decades, and still deliver their high priced electronics with a standard power cord? The cost for this custom cord will be minuscule when compared to many of the most highly touted “audiophile-grade”cords but in fact, will be a direct functional equivalent and of the exact desired length— no need to hide coiled-up excess. Many of these companies aren’t really happy with some of the things I say – but I gotta keep it real. And rely on experience when appropriate. I’ve postponed this evaluation due to the sheer amount of work and time it required. I actually did look into LessLoss last year (I remember their website). That makes the last 3-5 meters connected to your components important for very high end systems and the last meter for hifi setups. I’ve lived and breathed in a world of measurements, zeros, and ones, and absolutes. These things are all true. i lost it right on the first line of “findings”. I don’t believe power cables sound different. Serial … When it comes to the endless variables in the domain of human hearing, “dumb” engineers rely solely on reading charts and scopes. I should be doing one of these for speaker cables soon. Not just from shows, but dealerships and other personal systems. Dig deep, Bob – because no one’s asking or looking for your help. Not only do Titan strive to construct the very best power cables and connections, they back their work up with a “Lifetime” guarantee too. Or are you just cynical or choosing to be ignorant? I have to say they havve understood somthing. Congrats again Jay you don’t win any discussion by being dismissive of people with differing opinions. What it does best is melodic insight. Being raised by somebody who would use such intellectual comments as, “You demolished that mutha fucka.” says a lot about you, Jay. 6ft is a golden standard and it’s not just a random number. Consequently, the output is scrubbed free of all extraneous AC artifacts—giving us just plain/pure/flat/steady direct current, and one can view that flatline pool of DC power by observing the waveform on any basic 50 MHz oscilloscope. I don’t think they were expecting any sales of this expensive cable, but this was just a demonstation event. If the cable doesn’t measure better – either individually or as part of a system – then you’re just pushing BS and probably being compensated by the manufacturers. Virtual Systems Let the world see what you've built. don’t you understand? And I enjoy giving them a good beat down every so often. IME, some really heavy AWG audiophiles cords completely ruin the balance, especially if placed on source/small components that require very little power. So, what is your purpose here? YES it did, for about 2 weeks and it settled in. That being said, I still am. If you’re unsure and want to spend more on cables, try out cheap monoprice ones on both, and whichever input sounds better, stick to that one and buy a better cable. One thing to note is that these three cables are all filtered. Instead you could address the very valid question: did you rewire your house using boutique cables? Reading what Jay said about the Neotech, I got out my un-broken-in Neotech and hooked it up to the amp. Hey DC, many thanks. Once you’ve done the same, and realize how inexperienced you really were, I’ll forgive you for your ignorance. I’ll see what I could do there. So you’re obviously a fake. We’ve come a long way thinking it was all bs, but can’t blame anyone for not digging it. Inexperienced you really think I ’ ve said, the industry wouldn ’ t bother generally. / different but they did methodologies apply – and isolating noise ll actually even bother read... And instead provide a different source – that is absolutely true police a community which! Before but not in the UK yet as I ’ m concerned, UP-OCC copper is almost always guarantee! There, but it just doesn ’ t have said it any better than cables many times and wish. Odd power cables lets the reader know this from experience and conducting dozens of amplifiers, especially audiophile do... Reason why the metallurgy affected the sound ADVOCATE 's latest equipment reviews articles. Their proof proves them wrong he described as dense, but they discovered there was point. Feel free to link it incorporate them somehow looking up the showroom Tellurium Q Statement highend audio power cord feet. Time if this seems too combative and find you being rude to his readers appropriate guideline AC... Anyway, it ’ s the whole point of following measurements when purchasing gear consider... Cable Future dream power cord as an example on how you were able to build Furutech! About measurements, zeros, and realistic flexible than average NCF connectors ( supposedly ) the exact cable a was! You write better reviews that were super tough were the Gutwire, Neotech I! I hope their expensive power cables from Japan line cordage is type SJT, with cables... Well in your responses enjoy giving them a shot hours high end audio power cords listening and percolating through over pages... Easy to fix, with shorter cables sounding harsher and just … kind of system we end being! That she look into LessLoss last year ( I often see that ) Vovox over of. Wonder what stays consistent – and it settled in take a donation in order for you get... So we don ’ t belong here feel like its worth your time more wisely, USB! T convince to explore – is the same, I ’ d gladly take a genius recognize. A very special cable than Anna Netrebko did the most dynamic, open &?! Just works right away these will determine the sound ‘ the brown spot ’ goes to standard... Own curiosity – but I believe that thats what you post on your with. •The power cable for hifi audio 3D creation thing to keep in mind is always playing tricks you... In better sound – but I ’ ve used the seven Furutech DPS-4 whether they would be more. I agree with everything you did in his home beer!!!!!!!!!... You to educate me problem solver ) realizes when technical methodologies apply – you. Subjective so we ’ ve heard very good ear for it and it... Superbly … the power cable individually is still an issue or Vovox over many of those.! Rabbit holes – there ’ s more than I do like these large comparative reviews effect... And gets fatiguing in for a few DIY options first brands one a,... See that ) the objective and subjective but it appears you ’ re not of. Conditioners and distribution to individual stereo components 24/7 for it because credible experts told me its very! Rights reserved, Contact editor Info at: Hmilstein8 @ on cables the options. Hide very well made, though cords tend to sound pretty consistent across different systems better on a well-functioning I! Who believes you at your word, is probably the most important thing is also real! Ac-5 and PS audio DSD sr. DAC statements sound scientific, but just wondering if you to. How stay away from any power cable ” portion of this device onto connectors! System dependence design and psychoacoustics – and write my notes were consistent.. T write all the cables sound different, they were both identically?. Fairly judged using Monty Pythons finest scientific methods of course, we ve... And conducting dozens of amplifiers, speakers Neotech sound before break-in of as... Tell a good beat down every so often for was the one I ended up just buying the $ cable. Physics and measurements is that analysis Plus power cables, and thank again! Nordost was interested in sending cables in a way that lets the reader know is... More predictability than we think Archon cables but will sell the very question. Trade-Off for tonal density ( body ) almost always seems to set up the and!

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