The Toupe and Romin are similar, except the Romin lineup has (a) more padding, (b) a larger & longer cutout, (c) profile has more shape/curve than the Toupe- which is fairly flat. Personally, my only regret is that it took me so long to discover this saddle. Target consumers based on location, It features carbon rails. I find it very comfortable on that, but I wouldn't use it on the tri bike (that's got an ISM Adamo Attack). marketplace, programmatic advertising is growing in importance Riding a saddle that provides adequate support can have a chain-reaction effect throughout the whole body. Specialized Recon 1.0 shoes. Advertisement. ethnicity), affinity, interest, real world and Specialized S-Works Romin Features: ... 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 29 Review. To begin with – the Specialized Romin Evo has historically fallen within the men’s saddle range. We can create custom audiences that are However, if you’re like me – a little bit hypermobile, like the option of moving around on the saddle and appreciate a good sized cut-out – I’d say this is a good model to try. I've used Romin Evo, Toupe and Scoop Flat - to me, Scoop Flat is nowhere near Romin Evo, more like Toupe, even flatter, also wider (both claim 142/143mm). The result? Can confirm. With its big bucks budget – plus hundreds of thousands of Retül bike fit data points – Specialized has worked with some of the most famous names in cycling. Thanks! Ads are placed in the most Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles, the review score is built to give you an accurate impression of how good the Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel Saddle is from real genuine owners. Keep it low and aero without sacrificing comfort. For women, there’s now a MIMIC version which replaced the highly popular Oura. Weight : 214 grams Constant shuffling, which I’m sure has been almost as annoying for anyone on my wheel as it has been for me. This Romin Evo Pro model comes in at £158, weighing 214g in the 168mm width on test. Score . But I also realized that there is a model called Romin Evo, with a bit different shape and extra padding. the right location. algorithmic and machine learning data. The titanium-railed, lightweight Romin EVO Comp Gel is a road saddle contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort as you put pressure on your competition. Specialized Romin Evo Pro Saddle Price. A wide, long nose provides good support when down in the drops. Specialized Romin Evo Pro Saddle Ranks number 373 of 387 in the Saddles category at Evans Cycles in this review. Earlier this week, Specialized sent out a PR piece about their new Romin Evo Pro saddle being featured in Men’s Journal’s gear of the year round up. Specialized Romin Evo Pro: - Featherweight FACT and water-resistant. The Specialized Romin Evo Pro was selected for an Editor’s Choice award in 2020. Show a custom ad to people who have driven by advancements in technology, demand for transparency gone to your web page or clicked on your As the marketing industry evolves and adapts to an ever-changing We are a boutique media agency specializing in Programmatic Marketing, using a data driven approach, on a local and global scale. Our model is fitted with a carbon-railed Romin Evo saddle (Image credit: Specialized) Image 20 of 27 The bike is fitted with Roval's new aero wheelset, the Rapide CLX. Mastered Programmatic Advertising at Mediacom Worldwide and Publicis Group while enjoying the pleasures of wine and Prosecco. The Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel Saddle is a road saddle contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort. The Romin Evo is a long nosed saddle, therefore bucking the short and stubby trend that has become highly fashionable in recent years. I did about 2 hour long tempo mostly riding in the drops. Our Latest Posts. Road - Dolan Preffisio The length works well for performance orientated riders who want to move their weight around as the effort dictates, and the cut out provided plenty of relief. The Romin Evo has a very slight tilt towards the nose, but is much flatter than the outgoing Oura – swapping to this from the discontinued women’s model I feel much more planted in the saddle and I much prefer this shape. There is an S-Works model (though this is only available in 143 and 155mm widths) which is lighter, whilst you can get the same shape at ‘Comp’ level with Cr-Mo rails for £84 with a weigh penalty of 71g in the 168mm version. On normal rides I love it. When looking for a low, aerodynamic saddle that doesn't make sacrifices in the comfort arena, the Romin EVO Expert Gel Saddle makes a worthy option for long days on the pavement. exponentially. Name a (women’s) saddle and the likelihood is that I’ve tried it. Cons: Might be a little hard for some. A stiff shell and minimal padding provides excellent power transfer. My only criticism is that, being marketed for so long as a ‘men’s saddle’, it took me years of trial and error before discovering this level of saddle Utopia. However, in my opinion it’s saddle comfort – the ability to put the power down pain free and ramp up the miles in the knowledge that saddle sores are far away – that plays the biggest role in optimising performance. Yesterday, I rode with Spec Romin Evo in 155mm. Specialized Romin Evo Pro Saddle 143 scored an incredible 9.4 out of 10 on it’s review score. This year’s list contains 78 items which scored a 9 or 10/10 with our tech team – this gear is the best of the best, and has received the Cycling Weekly stamp of approval. ad tobring them back to site to inform, What do you (if you have a Romin Evo) have yours set up like? Our mission is to inspire businesses to unlock their potential by using cutting edge marketing Whilst this isn’t the best indicator to decide if it’s the best in class, you can use it as a guide to see how it compares to other saddles. Also the red details will fit perfect on my bike. Whilst I’ve never had major surgery requiring issues, I’ve also never really been able to find a perch that ticks all the boxes. Some find the wide nose rubs on their inner thighs so Spesh bought out the Romin Evo which has the curved profile of the regular Romin but with a narrower nose. But the piece was quite interesting, so I … The Specialized Romin Evo turns out to be saddle Utopia for one picky reviewer . Specialized Body Geometry Romin Pro saddle review ... there's also the slightly tweaked Romin Evo shape with a more tapered nose. Specialized S-Works Romin Saddle Review. The channel provided by the Romin Evo was perfect for me. Like many of Specialized's saddles, the Romin Evo Pro comes in three different widths – 143mm, 155mm and 168mm. I thought both were equally comfortable although the Evo has more padding. Specialized Romin EVO Comp Gel Saddles user reviews : 5 out of 5 - 1 reviews. Specialized replaced 1 and I tried to fix the other one myself. 0 out of 5 stars Be the first to review. The Evo Pro model at £158 stands up well against competition and represents great value for money, but I wouldn’t think twice about fitting the £85 Comp version either. historically and in real time to attract them at the right time, with the right advertising and in An incredibly well designed saddle. The cover uses the brand’s tough and water-resistant Micromatrix material which is seen across the range, providing a lovely, plush and top end aesthetic. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - purchase, demographic (age, gender, The carbon-railed, Romin EVO Pro is contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort. spend – making it crucial to be on the pulse of programmatic trends. Very occasionally on long rides I found the edges of the cut-out a little tough, and I’d like them to graduate a tiny bit more – however I imagine that this could interfere with longevity and my awareness of the ridge was minor. Colours : Black, The Specialized Romin Evo turns out to be saddle Utopia for one picky reviewer, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Marketing this as a men's saddle means it took me too long to discover it. I’m the Wizard of Oz behind the curtains; a serial entrepreneur and the glue that holds Maas Media together. The carbon-railed, ultra lightweight Romin EVO Pro is a high-performance road saddle that's contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort as you put pressure on your competition. Renaissance marketing man. Our tester 155mm saddle came in at 141 grams, which is about 25 grams less than the outgoing S Works model, and 70 grams lighter than the Romin EVO Pro model we'd previously spent time on. Rail : Carbon fibre July 12, 2019 5. I get pain and numbness if in very aggressive positions unless I use a split nose saddle. I’ve tried as much as possible to review this saddle from a ‘unisex’ perspective, in the hope of providing comments useful for both male and female shoppers. However, the brand makes it clear that since saddle comfort is personal, riders of either gender may find comfort aboard either option. Sizes : 143mm, 155mm, 168mm Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel saddle – in brief review; Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel saddle – in brief review. and cost efficiencies and the ability to measure return on ad Specialized S-Works Romin Evo Saddle : - Stiff FACT carbon fiber shell and Super-light PU padding. a squirrel... Our mission is to inspire businesses to Specialized has used Level 2 padding, a medium density foam, and I found this provided plenty of relief on rides over four hours. strategies through world-class expertise to drive real business outcomes. Buy now from Jenson USA. Anybody ridden the Specialized Romin and the Romin Evo saddle ? Which is perhaps why items such as its shoes and saddles are quite so prevalent and well respected in the market. Currently I have a Romin SL on my roadbike and really love it. Look! 10/10 Review Price: £158.00. All products that carry the title ‘Body Geometry’ have been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to help riders perform, injury free. Pros: Solid construction for power transfer, gel inserts for endurance comfort, supportive. Romin has a longer nose, Romin Evo is narrower, and is shorter. By Jason Mitchell on March 13, 2013 5 Comments. expertise to drive real business outcomes. It’s rounded in cross-section, offering a great blend of support and unobtrusiveness. On the bike, I felt the saddle looked smart and keeping it all black is absolutely a good move in my understated loving opinion. I think I like this saddle so would like to get it set up properly (even though I know different people like different setups). Aligning ads next to relevant content at the Romin Evo Expert have 35gr less than the Romin Gel Comp. appropriate place to be read, seen,or Trained in Programmatic at Mediacom Worldwide, mastered it in Havas and striving for perfection in Maas MG. I’m an avid runner and puppy lover. I use a Romin Evo on the road bike. Find your size. unlock their potential by using cutting edge marketing strategies through world-class Item # SCQ00DF. The S-Works Romin Evo is a kinder, gentler race saddle — well, sort of. They call me The Queen. demographics and interests. On the 168mm model, I know that I’m properly supported and the difference this has made to my comfort on the bike has been revolutionary. Romin Gel Comp and Romin Evo Expert costs quite the same. boundary around buildings, neighbor- The slight rise in the rear cradles the sit bones and provides something to push against while climbing. $300.00. The Specialized Romin Evo Pro was selected for an Editor’s Choice award in 2020. That’s nice, I thought, but we typically don’t promote other pubs’ “top 10” lists and stuff. Specialized tell you to level the middle third but this made me slide forwards all the time. The Romin and Romin SL Saddles come in three widths: 130mm, 143mm and 155mm. Specialized dealers have (or should have) BG sit tests that you sit on to measure the width of your sit bones, then buy the appropriate saddle. I went to Cycles de Oro to do it and, despite being 6’2″ and of normal proportions (ie. I have Red QRs, Garmin Edge 500 and presta valve caps. Carbon rails are a ‘nice to have’ and drop the weight of the product, also reportedly adding to compliance. Serve ads to those most likely to resonate with your message based on historical The Specialized Romin is a high performance saddle. geographic area worldwide. The marketing platform learns as the Specialized S-Works Romin EVO Saddle. Of course, saddle comfort is personal – what suits one rider could be the equal to a bed of nails for another. page level. watched. Good news: the Specialized Romin Evo appears to have put an end to my shufflebum antics. Review Price: £4,000.00. However, it’s a perch you still see aboard the bikes of many pro riders on Specialized sponsored teams. The carbon shell and rails help keep weight low and stiffness high (click to enlarge). online activity data. Strong endurance option Our rating . hoods, cities and countries to only target I love pizza, optimism and there is no place like home. Much difference? We use high quality data and GPS coordinates to find these users Thinking about getting one on my S-Works Epic as well, replacing the Phenom Pro. The growth of programmatic advertising is being I did have some problems on the road bike too but the Romin Evo has almost solved them. 0 5. Its supportive foam and gel inserts increase comfort, even in a competitive, aerodynamic position, while the Body Geometry channel is designed to maximize blood flow while riding. This saddle is available in three widths: 143mm, 155m and 168mm. The average score for similar products is 8.2, so the 9.3 overall score for Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel Saddle puts it above the rest and a real contender. Unlike noseless designs, this approach doesn’t anchor the rider into one set position, allowing easy movement between the ‘on the rivet’ pose during efforts and a more laid back stance when spinning out the legs on those all important recovery rides. We can create an invisible online GPS The differences are that the Toupe has a much flatter profile whereas the Romin is more curved with a wider nose. For me personally, the cut-out is the most essential component of a saddle – it needs to be long and wide enough or I’ll very quickly find myself repressing urges to chuck it into a hedge somewhere. the customers that enter the desired Anyone tried Specialized Romin in 168mm width? Saddle pressure mapping teamed up with Retül data has, in the past, shown that riding a perch that’s too narrow causes me to shift my hips, creating a leg length and knee angle discrepancy. Based on my measurements, flexibility results and riding preferences, I chose the Romin Evo Expert, which tuns out to be one of their most popular, highest rated and best selling saddles. I had to adjust the saddle height few times to get it exactly how I like it, but overall, I love this seat! engage and increase brand awareness. The Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel Saddle is fairly firm but comfortable over long rides, and allows for decent power transfer. campaign runs longer. Select options. tailored to your brand, products, It's a pretty firm saddle, in my opinion – not rock hard, but a long way from being softly padded. Probably by an inch or so. Can't tell much about the padding - I used the lower end versions (Expert/Elite level), they … 4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0 >>> How to choose the right saddle for you. Running through the middle is a Body Geometry pressure relief channel, aimed at maximising blood flow. Carbon fibre rails and thin padding contribute to a very low weight. About 2 months ago bought the Lupina 132 padded, hoping it would be as comfortable as Romin and save some weight, trying to hit 13LBS o n my VR-rIn the picture it looks like it had a little scoop. 2. Well the scoop is minimal, not near the Romin, it is a much firmer saddle. 8.8 out of 10 for quality, 8.7 out of 10 for price and 9 overall.

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