I would not advise that if you plan to stack images for HDR. Thanks, Brian. Back Button AF is something many Canon and Nikon sports and wildlife shooters use – and as you know there is not Eye AF on those cameras. If sounds like you don’t want listen to good advice, because the other websites are correct. Once you’ve set up Back-Button AF, leave the first three settings alone. In camera guide Why not simply place a Flexible AF point where you need it instead of whipping the camera back n forth like a spectator at a tennis match? (Which isxthe FOCUS hold button? With any luck these reassessments spread out to other camera manufacturers as well. First, the Custom 3 button now joins the Menu button on the left side to make room for a repositioned movie record button which moves next to the EVF. At this point, some cameras can even be told which specific eye to focus on. For example, I shoot with back button focus, so my default focus settings are Flexible Spot with AF-C. Now I also have another button set to lock-on Flexible Spot, and yet another button set to Eye AF. I compared the Sony to adapted Canon and Tamron 85mm F1.8's. With back-button autofocus, my thumb is constantly bouncing back and forth between the AF-On button and the joystick. It was especially bad in low light conditions. Sony A7 owners rejoice! No. It is an issue at night, shooting cityscapes, skylines, or darker scenes generally. In the first 2-minutes I will show you how to quickly set up Back-Button AF on late model Sony Alpha Cameras (A7III, A7RIII and A9). It is tricky to toggle between MF and Auto on this a7r. I am confused when it says the standard button (??) Using a centered spot focus point, point your camera at your subject and press the assigned button on the back of the camera. Yes. the reason I ask is because I notice that if I hold it down the camera stabilization seems to hold but if I let go it is not active, is that correct? 2. If you want manual focus with an IR trigger + 2-second self-timer, simply set the camera to MF. The Canon focuses quicker even in native emulation. Please advise. Thanks for keeping this old camera info active to save an old man. and pretty much undocumented. Find a button … When you see “Not Set” you can keep going…. With so many focus points and coverage, this has all but eliminated any need to focus and recompose. It does not give me a choice called AF on There are two popular reasons for using back-button focus and the first is the belief that one button should have only one function. The focus is set. Back-Button AF changes the way autofocus is activated by separating AF activation from shutter release. Yes, Pre-AF is switched off, it’s now one of the first things I set after buying a Sony camera. Hmm…I think you meant to comment on the post about a7RII firmware update 4.00, so hopefully this won’t confuse anyone reading comments about back button AF. Almost all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have this feature. You saved me be big time Brian. In the first 2-minutes I will show you how to quickly set up Back-Button AF on late model Sony Alpha Cameras (A7III, A7RIII and A9). amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; It does not. I don’t fully understand your reply. I am using a Batis 85mm FE lens with not manual AF/MF switch. For the life of me I can’t figure out if there is a way to assign AF On along with AEL hold to the same custom button. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Setting what’s called back-button autofocus. Thanks for all the great information I’m betting you forgot to turn Pre-AF > OFF. Yes. For shutter focus, it places the focus point selector in prime real estate at a natural resting position for my thumb. This allows either the shutter of back button to focus. Easily locate the Fn and Custom buttons without looking. In this case the camera still appears to focus before the shot is taken. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), ‘Sony a7-Series: From Snapshots to Great Shots’, https://briansmith.com/setting-back-button-af-on-sony-a7-series-cameras/, Wishlist for Sony a7-Series Mark III Cameras. AEL hold I tested it with A7 and A7RII Sony FE 70-200 f/4 and Canon 24-105 via Metabones. Hi, I ended up with this setup too, mostly because I wanted a quick way to switch between manual and autofocus, I don’t think sony can explain the decision of not putting this button on the lens, price surely isn’t, I think they just didn’t work with any photographer when designing this system. On my Sony a7R IV there are 323 focus points I can manually choose from that covers the image area 99.7 percent vertically and 75 percent horizontally. It achieves the same result as AF-L for holding focus changes while also gaining focus peaking and the ability to manual focus the lens if desired without toggling any other switch. process of taking the autofocus function away from the shutter button and re-assigning it to another button on the back of the camera amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; - I will be your photo guide! However, it’s buried deep into the menu structure of the Sony (what a pain!!!) I’m using the 2 second self timer setting, btw. Tip for Sony camera users: Customize the AF-L button to “AF/MF Control Hold” instead of the regular AF-L. First, it adds real time Eye AF which is pretty amazing if you are in the Eye AF crowd. That’s a rather unusual combination to say the least. Same behavior. This is known as the Back Button Focus method. That’s so 90’s! Perhaps you are set up for the perfect landscape, locked in to low ISO, a carefully selected focus point, relatively low shutter speed, AF-S, and suddenly an eagle soars right overhead. I flip my focus to manual and simply have my AF/MF button set to “AF/MF control hold.”. I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Instead, press the AEL button to focus. And by low light conditions I’m not talking about shooting in moonlight, I’m talking about shooting inside your house with the lights on at night. In Sony’s case, I’m hopeful that comes in the form of firmware updates to enable the active AF-C functionality. I can confirm that use of the remote forces the camera to autofocus, even when Menu > Custom Settings > AF w/shutter > Off. Is there anyway to disable this? Is there a setting that connects focus with remotes? If I use the IR remote, the camera refocuses every time. Keep in mind, this is a pre-production camera, which makes the results pretty amazing. Well, A7III and A7RIII owners that is. Nope, Pre-AF>Off. The result? AND, I can still move auto-focus points around if need be. Embarrassing, but I have to change this previous comment – when you put the Eye Focus on center button, you lose the ability (when programmed as Standard) to move the auto-focus point around. ... and in the case of the Sony a7III, this is a significant one! Often I accidently press the MF/AF button after taking a picture (to focus for next shot) and that brings up the picture library, which is really annoying. I use to do this on my Canon and got use to it. I have tested two others that do not have an AF/MF switch and there is no problem. I have one questions though. - Photography Tours in Hungary May 9, 2018. I have the same issue as Peter. If the shutter button went back to controlling the autofocus as well, I would have a free thumb to rest on the focus point joystick to keep pace with my composition changes. Is there a cure for this, or am I doing something wrong? ‘Standard’ is a setting that can be assigned to a Custom Button button on any a7 series camera to enable the Control Wheel to quickly move the focus point. Anyone having the same problem? Choose Menu > Custom Settings > Pre-AF > Off That’s not what Back Button AF is for. The only way I know to stop this is to (1) focus with the back button, (2) switch to Manual Focus, (2) use the remote to fire the shutter. No matter what I try, when I press the button on the remote, the camera tries to focus, unless of course I switch off AF on the lens. Let’s do it again When [Focus Area] is set to [Flexible Spot] or [Expand Flexible Spot], pressing the key to which [Focus Standard] has been assigned allows you to shoot still images while adjusting the position of the focus range finder frame by pressing the top/bottom/left/right side of the control wheel. This Sony a7RII continuous autofocus test video shows the speed of the a7RII. This article is a check-up on the back-button focus technique as it relates to the cameras of today and moving forward into the future. Mult-Slc center btn: This is the thumb stick which sits comfortably on the back of the camera. Gives you auto exposure that can easily be locked and BB focus with just the shutter and back button, Oh also I have focus mode set to DMF…. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "briasmitphot-20"; Anyhow, my problem is that after camera switches off, when i come back it always comes in manual focus mode. Looks like the a7iii does not support reprograming button on lens. - Photography Tours in Hungary. I realize that the camera is how could i say that in englich energivore, the battery are not résistant. Starting with the Top Ten things users need to know about the cameras, author Brian Smith, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery, carefully guides you through the operating features of Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7II and a7RII and how to use them. Definitely not a combination I’d test for. With AF w/shutter Off you must press back button on the camera to focus when using a remote – or turn AF w/shutter On to allow focus when using a remote. Choose Menu > Custom Settings > Custom Key Settings > AEL Button > AF On. Here’s the step by step to setting it: 1. ), Did the menu choices change since youar article was posted Choose Menu > Custom Settings > AF w/shutter > Off. Back-button focus is a popular customization that many cameras are capable of where the user will de-link the autofocus from the shutter button and instead program one of the back buttons on the camera to activate it instead. It’s even better than before and yep, I have shot with this new feature.

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