ST LOUIS BASED SHELTON BROTHERS WAR WITH BIRGER. Birger gang In December 1926 Birger’s men Harry and Elmo Thomasson shot and killed Joe Adams (34) the mayor of … Unlike Early, though, the elder Hunter attempted to take the blame to protect his son. Bowerman expected to get in and out of the bank quickly but the robbery quickly went awry. A man wearing a Texas Rangers baseball cap robbed a bank Tuesday morning of an undisclosed amount of money, Fort Wort police said. K-9 officer Dan Pleckham, Jr. and his four-legged partner, Bandit, both of the Yorkville Police Department, emerge from Fifth Third Bank March 9 in Naperville as police investigate a stickup. Man who planned the robbery got 30 months, cousin gets 138 months. The 51-year-old New York man and his son, Louis S. Early, 26, of Lisle, are accused of making off with about $70,000 after sticking up two banks in March in Naperville and Wheaton. As part of the bank robbery conspiracy, the Bassetts drove to St. Louis County from Memphis, TN, to stay at Anthony McAllister’s house on Lilac Avenue the night before the planned bank robbery. Fred W. Bowerman, an experienced bank robber, led the robbery crew. In the second heist, in Wheaton, Louis H. Early said his son helped plan the inside job and provided him with a rented 2009 Chevy Malibu used to flee. An image of the March 9 robbery of the Fifth Third Bank at 1311 Ridgeland Ave. in Naperville. The Most Famous Legitimate Wrestling Matches in History. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing May 1 during his first federal court appearance. In both heists, the elder Early donned a baseball cap and sunglasses and warned tellers not to try anything "funny," the federal complaint states. Directed by Charles Guggenheim, John Stix. LOUIS • Monday morning's robbery of ATM Solutions was reminiscent of events on Oct. 23, 1992, when two men in white overalls and stocking masks tied … Gallatin America's first daytime bank robbery during peacetime happened in the small town of Liberty, Missouri, on February 13, 1866. Louis Bank Robbery (1959) 5.6 / 10 (4 votes. THE GREAT ST. LOUIS BANK ROBBERY is based on a true story and features the actual locations and some of the real policemen surrounding the heist. The film is now in the public domain. Both men were charged with first-degree murder and robbery. The remaining characters names were not changed. Two men with assault rifles opened fire during a bank robbery Monday, killing a guard and then leading police on a chase that ended with a fiery crash … His son was on duty as an assistant branch manager during the second stickup, March 18, at TCF Bank in Wheaton's Danada Square shopping center. Tim O’Neil also wrote a great pictorial article on the robbery in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on July 25, 2012.. The Early men aren't the area's first father-and-son team accused of banking heists. //

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