IF for month mu Water level in Periyar River and a canal near the Kochi airport is on the rise. Although Kerala today got some relief due to lesser rains, the death toll rose to 27 due a series of landslides in the hilly Idukki district and northern parts of Kerala. idukki dam water level , ഇടുക്കി അണക്കെട്ടിൽ ജലനിരപ്പ് 77.78 ശതമാനം, Kerala News | Mathrubhumi Print Edition, Kerala News | Mathrubhumi Print Edition The ‘capacity’ for Tallowa Dam only refers to the water available to be transferred to Sydney, when the total system storage is below 75%. Idukki dam water level I Today. Idukki Dam; Water Level Falls as Water Flow Weakened, Five Shutters Still Opened / Deepika News. Idukki dam, all five shutters of the Cheruthony dam were opened for the first time in 40 years to release more water in the backdrop of heavy rains and rising water level in the reservoir. The full level of the dam is 2,404 feet. Report. marunadanmalayalee. Water level at the 123-year-old dam has risen to 138 feet, inching close to the permissible level of 142 feet, it was informed. A red alert has been issued in four districts of Kerala including Wayanad, Idukki, Malappuram and Kozhikode. The Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of the dam is 2403 feet. Wayanad district has the most number of camps- 16. It is evaluated that the water level in the Idukki dam will reach its maximum capacity in 10 days due to heavy rain in the catchment areas. Gates of Idukki dam were opened after 26 years. The water level at the Idukki dam was now at 2,401 feet after it came down on Friday night as the intensity of the rains decreased. The water level in Idukki dam on Tuesday rose to 2,312.80 ft, marking a one-feet raise from the Monday’s level of 2,311 ft. With the water level in the Idukki dam nearing its maximum, the Kerala government has put the army, navy, airforce and coast guard on alert to meet any eventuality in case water is released. Dam Water Level Update (click dam name to see graph) January 08,2021 06:00:00 am. ഇടുക്കി: ഇടുക്കി ഡാമിൽ ജലനിരപ്പ് ഉയരുന്നു. 0:50. But, in a major relief, reports today said that since the rains have slowed down, the water in the Idukki Dam has also receded. Follow. At noon, the water level at the Idukki reservoir was 2,401.5 feet, just short of its maximum capacity. Follow. Water level in Idukki dam rises. Only if the rain persists for consecutive days with a reading above 200 millimetres and the reservoir's water level rises to 2373 feet will the shutters be open, Pillai clarified. The dam can hold 90,000 ML but 7,500 ML is available for transfers. Deepika News. This is 58 per cent of the total dam capacity. Kundala dam, constructed in 1947 at 1758.70m (5770ft) from the mean sea level (MSL), in the Muthirapuzha sub-basin of the Periyar is at the highest elevation in this system. (It is the shutters of the Cheruthoni dam that are opened to release water from the reservoir of Idukki, the biggest arch dam in Asia). Spill. Floods have killed 26 people in various parts of Kerala. The Idukki Dam system is constructed across the Periyar. It has a small dam toe powerhouse of 2 MW. Pinarayi said, “As of today, there are 1385 people in relief camps. Now, look at the central area of the flow diagram. In a warning about the rising level of water in Kerala's Idukki dam, the state electricity board has issued an orange alert. * Idukki dam gates in Kerala were opened after 26 years today at 12:30 pm following rising water levels due to heavy rains in the district. 1:44. Three shutters opened 1.3 metre and two shutters 1 metre to release 750 cumecs or seven lakh fifty thousand litre per second. Teams of NDRF, Navy & Army have been rushed for rescue work. last year | 3 views. On Saturday, the inflow into the dam stood at 6,00,000 litres of water per second, while the outflow through the floodgates is 7.50 lakh litres per second. Level (m) Effective Storage (mcm) Storage (%) Gen. 2 years ago | 22 views. According to the latest report, the water at the Idukki reservoir is already at 2401 feet. Idukki Dam To Be Open Again Today / Deepika News Live. The government machinery in Kerala continued to be on alert with the water level in the Idukki dam inching towards the maximum, even as rain lashed many parts of the state, claiming two lives today. Dam Name Observation Time & Date Reservoir Water Level (RWL) (m) Water Level Deviation Normal High Water Level (NHWL) (m) Deviation from NHWL (m) Rule Curve Elevation (m) Deviation from Rule Curve (m) The water-level in Idukki dam is very low and there is no cause for concern. The water levels forced the Kerala government to open two more gates of the Idukki Dam this morning and the remaining two just after noon. Kerala Rains News LIVE Updates | The water level at Mullaperiyar reservoir in Idukki district reached 136.40 feet today. According to this, the water level allowed in Idukki dam in July is 2,380.58 feet. THE KERALA government urged people living in Idukki district of the state to move to camps on Tuesday night after Tamil Nadu government said that it has to release water from upstream Mullaperiyar dam. The water from this dam flows downstream into the Mattupetty dam. It was being said that with the fifth shutter being opened soon, the total height could be five shutters at 1 m height. The current water level is 45.64 feet short of this limit. Cum. Idukki, Aug 4: The water level in Kerala's Idukki dam touched 2396.34 feet on Saturday due to continuous heavy rainfall. Idukki dam water level I Today. RESERVOIR. #Kerala: Kochi's Aluva is flooded as water level of Periyar river has risen after 5 shutters of Idukki dam were opened today.Manappuram Sree Mahadeva … Inflow. Read more about Idukki Dam: alert continues as water level nearing maximum on Business Standard. Capability (mu) RF. Min.Draw Down Level(m) Full Reservoir. Here's a satellite view of where the dam is situated: All of the dam's gates being opened will heighten concerns of extreme flooding along the banks of the rapidly swelling Periyar. The water level is related to the Mean Sea Level and catchment area. With the water level at the Idukki dam fast rising, two more shutters of the dam were also opened, said a Kerala Minister. Kerala flood update: Idukki dam water level latest - could the dam burst? ... Idukki Dam; Water Level Falls as Water Flow Weakened, Five Shutters Still Opened / Deepika News. Idukki dam will be opened today at 4 pm as the water level rises. The water level at the Idukki hydroelectric dam is at 2348 feet, Pillai said. The catchment areas of the dam recorded a rainfall of 37 mm. "The water level in Idukki reservoir has reached 2395 ft. An Orange alert has been issued as a result. The water level at the Idukki reservoir is dangerously short of the dam's maximum capacity of 2403 feet. Idukki (Kerala) [India], July 31 (ANI): The Kerala authorities have issued an orange alert after the water level in the Idukki dam touched 2,395 feet on Monday. Browse more videos. August 9, 2019, 12:05 IST explore: India The government machinery in Kerala continued to be on alert with the water level in the Idukki dam inching towards the maximum, even as rain lashed many parts of the state, claiming two lives today.A 74-year-old man was electrocuted when he came Playing next. Similarly, an 'orange alert' was issued at Kakki dam in Pathanamthitta, a central Kerala district, when its water level reached 980 meters today, according to the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEB). Deepika News.

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