~The eye is actually closed to begin with so I can't use the staff on it, but Ancano is still protected by his barrier. Defeat Morokei in Labrynthian to obtain the Staff of Magnus. http://upperplace.com/tutorials.html The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Defeat Ancano When he attacks, the Eye will open up and the loose panels will start orbiting the centre. My character was at level 37 when I decided to resume the Mages quest line. While the Eye is open, Ancano cannot be damaged. Problem came when I needed to kill Ancano, If the guy hit me with just one bolt he cleared out all of my magica and life force. In the videos I watched that mage always do first shot and then mission continue with eye and staff but in my game there is no such thing and i stuck that mission. Just got to the end of the quest where you use the Staff of Magnus on the Eye. Defeat Ancano [edit | edit source] When you find Ancano, Tolfdir will walk up and start trying to reverse the damage by casting a spell at the Eye. Detailed Walkthrough All Hell Has Broken Loose . I just needed to bring back Orthorn's stolen books to resume. (PC) everytime i try to put in the console command i do it wrong and i know the commands but i don't know if im putting the right numbers or if the number is even the right quest. When arriving back at the College, you will see that all is not well. use the staff open the eye then shoot him. Skyrim: Eye of Magnus, Defeat Ancano (Video) Here is how you defeat that fool Ancano in Skyrim at the College of Winterhold (hogwarts?). Entering the college Tolfdir will speak to you about Ancano who needs to be stopped - he is in the centre of the hall charging the Eye. I go in the hall with my follower mage, Ancano say his words and then my follower mage doesnt fire him. Ancano gets distracted by the magic anaomlaies, which also do damage to him. what i need help is how can i properly input the code to advance the quest? The quest is called the "Eye of Magnus" Use the staff to get up the the Hall of Elements, once inside wait for the "cut-scene". Nothing in my magic or mudane weapons even nicked him. I repeatedly closed the Eye and attacked him when it was closed. I cant kill Ancano, I've watched lots of playthrough and looked forums but my problem still here. i understand how to beat him. Ancano is an Altmer elemental mage and an agent of the Thalmor.He resides at the College of Winterhold, where he serves as an "advisor" to the Arch-Mage.The College community demonstrates a palpable mistrust toward him due to his Thalmor allegiance. Confront Ancano in the Hall of the Elements. At this point, Ancano will turn aggressive and attack. ~I have left the room, re-entered, left and completed other quests, came back and the same problem exists. If you're a good shot with a bow, this is a good method to use on Master. Well it does nothing to separate the eye when I use it. ~I have reloaded an earlier save and the same thing happened. I talk to Ancano he gives his line “how dare you approach me blah blah” then goes right back to shocking the orb. Tolfdir and the other college mages have been awaiting your return. but its bugged. User Info: Frag_Maniac Defeat Ancano with the help of the Staff of Magnus.

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