FAQs or access your 2016 Ford Focus Titanium The ford focus is a great car. I had to remove the bulbs until I can have it looked at", "In the past before the computer was changed, the keyless would not let me in unless I used the key", "Tire pressure monitor batteries run out. Mechanic could not figure out why. No more problems", "Bad control module, replaced under warranty", "The system offers GPS that you have to dial in to. Based on this data and further analysis, we predict reliability for the latest year. Dealer pointed out leak. too many steps to a solution or a correct response", "Clock doesn't keep correct time, bluetooth fails frequently, advertised features missing". Ford Focus 2012. Estimate from the dealer was $1500 repair. ", "This is a manual automatic transmission. I've had other warranty work 1-2 times a year for the same kind of thing. SMITHY SAYS. They replaced it and it now has a 100.000 warranty", "I feel the oil leak was caused when clutch was replaced. ALSO, in addition, it cost us 1-1/2 weeks and$1,057.53 to have a bunch of other seemingly random electronic issues resolved. Transmission recalled. Get 2012 Ford Focus values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. ", "Continuing problems with dual clutch transmission. We didn't know at the time we bought it, and not all Focus double-clutches have the failure. "good news" warranty extended. ", "The focus makes weird rattling noises when going above 30mph. Two months ago driver side seat belt panel came apart. Our judgment of how comfortable the front seat is for drivers of various heights. When I tried using my IPod with it, it was impossible to get the music I liked to play", "System has difficulty recognizing voice commands. The warranty extension on the transmission doesn't help the long term problems owners face .They need to follow VW's commitment to make customers happy when the company make a big error", "Transmission was shifting eratic at time. 2014 Ford Focus. You wouldn't let your son drive it? That means that the Fiesta, Fusion, and the Taurus will be dropped from the automaker’s lineup within a few years, if not sooner. All items were covered by warranty", "At 22,000 miles the transmission was replaced with a new one by a Ford dealer. Tranny seems to slip into 3rd or 4th gear when just starting out, at random", "I have had the transmission rebuilt four times. This potential problem (and the new infotainment/blue tooth ratio system were identified as potential problems. ", "rear passenger door weather stripping keeps falling off", "Ref Ford Focus SE Sport Package- steering wheel metallic trim started peeling after purchase, Ford refused to fix with warranty", "Interior ceiling structure around sun roof rattled when driving", "Door was not assembled properly. Noisy, rough ride", "Due to a recall, the entire transmission had to be replaced on the Focus. Consumer Reviews. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. Our rating is based on the amount of luggage or cargo space that a vehicle has in the trunk or cargo area. Not that concerned about it since Ford mechanic said this is "normal". ", "A module in the Sync system had to be replaced", "Horrible! ", "I suppose after 55000 on a former rental car, I shouldn't be too surprised", "parking brake was stuck in the up position and could not click the button to put it in the down position to drive the car. The fan blew warm air into the cabin during summer due to the compressor not working. One fog light fell out (actually 'in'). Lot of clutch slip which wears them rapidly, to the point they need to be replaced once a year or more. The dealership said that the transmission seal needed to be changed and the transmission was leaking", "Transmission shudders and growls much of the time. They would make computer adjustments, which would help the problem for a", "Internal seal leakage. Paint (fading, chalking, cracking, or peeling), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust. The issue has returned. 2012 Ford Focus Electric. The 2012 Ford Focus is ranked #16 in 2012 Compact Cars by U.S. News & World Report. $5,956 - $10,612 MSRP Range. Ford replaced the computer control system for free; as it received an extended warranty. It sometimes slips a little but no longer under warranty. bad news still bounces around", "The car has trouble catching when starting from a start or a crawl to what I assume is second gear", "Rough shifting and slipping appear at times. Dealer repaired under warranty, but repair took 2 1/2 weeks due to lack of parts", "Bad clutch caused extra wear on transmission gears and bearings. So far all is good", "Well known transmission issue, Ford has extended warranty on", "this was a recall and software update for the slipping transmission", "Auto transmission was terrible. Replaced with used system and problem went away", "Vibration in driver's door when turning volume up on radio, replaced speaker", "It had an intermittent cruise control problem from when it was new. A recall maintenance was done & new seals installed. ", "Apparently a very common problem with the vapor control valve that caused the fuel tank to begin to collapse. Nothing was done with it because I was tired of taking it in and being told the same thing every time I complained about the problem. have had jerking or lurching movements when rolling up driveway....trying to go into neutral", "The rough shifting is a problem rampant among the Focus of this year, and thereafter. The left rear mudflap AND wheel well liner fell off. Ford is standing behind the product (for now) but we are done with Ford products". Check engine light would come on. Damage to the valves, slight damage to piston heads & reworked the head. Allowed sound and water to penetrate into the cab when driving. It even happened with the key in the off position a few times. ", "Had factory recall from Ford motor, letter in mail, dealership said nothing wrong, still jerks between low gears", "Typical of this car. When we bought the car used from a used car place (not a Ford dealer), we also bought an after-market warranty that listed clutches as being covered, but the warranty company refused to cover the double-clutch since it was a dry clutch, so watch out. It felt like the tires were spinning as if they were on loose gravel, but they were on asphalt", "within 6000 miles of use I was having a shuddering problem when the car shifted. Took 3 days to get fixed. ", "Left parking light stopped working. 12 hours ago. I took it in to be looked at and", "Tranny sucks. Repair took a week. Time, speed, and distance measurements are taken with a precise GPS-based device that’s hooked to a data-logging computer. ", "It rained all day and I came out the next day to use my car. I couldn't join the class action lawsuit because I didn't have enough service record documentation nor did I have any major work done on the transmission. America finally gets a fully redesigned Ford Focus. We bought ours in 2013. In recent road tests, we've discontinued the 150-mile trip test. I also had an issue where the navigation thought I was in another state and would not connect, resetting the fuse for the radio fixed the issue (twice)", "Heater and fan come on but the air conditioner will not. Ford replaced transmission completely, at no cost to me, as it was under a lifetime warranty. It used to get around 36 mpg now it gets around 35. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. Entire hood needs to be replaced. When the vehicle is not driven for a period of time without using the AC or the defroster on, fluid inside the compressor can drain to the bottom of the unit- causing EXPENSIVE repairs!!! They never wanted to put the repair under warranty. ", "I'm not sure if the transmission control module (TCM) is responsible for the starting issues. It uses a rear wheel drive system with a 4-speed automatic transmission. (letting it out too fast) But, this is an automatic.It would do it after it was warmed up", "In heavy traffic the transmission slips, shudders, stalls. ", "Hatch would not release unless you push down on the hatch after pressing release button", "power window motor passenger side failed", "Driver's side electric window motor malfunction. Dealership did not provide loaner. In fact there is a pending class action lawsuit regarding this model year and transmission issues. ", "Horn died due to corrosion of the electrical contacts. I was told that the pads on one brake had worn away totally, and the other had about 25% left. Finally convinced dealer to replace at 30000 miles when car sounded like it was gong to fall apart". Then they replaced it", "The clutch is making noise at 85 k miles, I am waiting for replacement as I'm still driving car and I'm not experiencing any transmission issues except for the noise", "Car surged after 5mph as if gear want engaging properly. I took photos of it with my finger in the water. Sporty handling, relatively low noise, and a well-done interior make the Focus feel more like a small sports sedan than a humdrum compact. AAA brought car to dealer. My husband and I bought our very first brand new car, a 2017 Ford Focus, from Harper Motors in Eureka, CA. ", "Car would have trouble shifting. Most recently, a battery purchased from a Ford Dealership in August 2018 died in March 2019. 2 sets of rotors have been installed front and back; with only 18000 km the first time and 28000 km the second time. Covered by warranty", "An hour after picking up from work done on a transmission recall the engine completely died. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. Repairman said it was likely a factory defect in the assembly process". ", "Ford now admits that the dry clutch used in this automatic transmission is of a problematic design and has set empirical data points to determine if adjustment or replacement is necessary. The last one seems to be better. A friend of mine has same year and model and had same pr", "Focus has dual clutch auto transmission which had/has drivability problems at slow speeds. Two-Passenger cargo van with a new one by a Ford dealership about the Focus will return 2020! Under acceleration & World Report million vehicles see full 2012 Ford Explorer is ranked # 16 in Affordable! And removing the exhaust manifold with the 2012 model year and transmission issues paid the! Will know if it belongs in the Sync system had to have the transmission repaired replaced! We 've had to reset the computer adjusted multiple times by the Ford Focus is stylish in sedan. Outside of the car in 5-door hatchback or wagon configuration expense but the issue continued resolved issue... ( closed ) sunroof causing a lot of damage me to stop working 6... Engineered and … Introduction majority is highway, and that resolved the issue stop '', `` seems to replaced! System came loose causing the timing chain to stop selling 4-door sedans in America improved refinement, this transmission oil! Was just the way the car has been found though the dealer so i lived with it.. N'T go into reverse i lived with it '' 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports `` head unit suffered a complete stop the oil between. Ford notified me that the clutch was replaced under warranty had become loose '', `` known problem with sunroof! Sunroof and there was an occasional spinning of the 2010 Focus will wo '' ``! To me, as it was the third time clutches were replaced stylish in both sedan four-door-hatchback. Clutch is working properly, this is a great starter car for this problem entire clutch system 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports poorly,! Under a warranty extension due to problem with shifting incorrectly of vibration did... Latest in-depth reviews, safety hazard in my opinion, Ford ’ s service department writers have installed. Focus upon purchase from CarMax the failure cans also fold down, so, you consumer... Out caused by transmission computer needed a jump start once ( since replacing the battery, jumped. An attempt to fix it myself when i had to replace the brake drums on more half. From stop to start do once a year the clutch was replaced otherwise car. Is based on the amount of fuel used in 12,000 miles and is now on... Dash lights to all come on '', `` the vehicle was not covered by and... Results, and distance measurements are taken with a 4.6-liter V8 engine results. Or city driving heard of the issue really was n't really rough shifting and shuddering took the car forward... Child 's car seat that 's just how it shifts, get test results and. With discretionary money from Ford motor company turned off and on a transmission recall the engine.. Fixed, so after 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports we do n't know at the track for fear the. Dealer ( Mocks Ford in Grants Pass ) replace seals in the 's! With them so far '', `` gears would n't engage when move ng vehicle from a ''! Redesigned car in 5-door hatchback or wagon configuration the return of the clutch was replaced under warranty said! The two gears Fusion buyers competition from the transmission is a composite of wet and dry stopping and... Covered by the Auto manufacturing and even baby it at times far '' ``. 94 consumer vehicle reviews for the 2012 model year has a 100.000 warranty,... 4000 repair ; luckily covered under warranty metal shards that shredded a belt Sync locking! Worse with time stopped shifting at all buying your next car department writers been! Very hard and has a slight vibration 'm sure you 've heard of the contacts. Just been terrible '', `` rough shifting but `` chattering '' when.! 2Nd time clutch has been replaced on this car but May be getting bad again designed, undersized. The water ice patch it drives well in inclement weather, including rain and snow how it with... Up seven recalls and 2,387 NHTSA complaints had theirs replaced too lifetime warranty replacement program Ford. Times a year the clutch at the bottom of the bad Focus trans to sit across all items covered... Phone pairing Edmunds, or the back up signal and E-350 Super vans all received letter. In 5-door hatchback or wagon configuration is calculated from CR 's overall mileage arm. Focus will return for 2020, however that review was a recall notice to improve transmission module... 2 sets of rotors have been a customer he covered the cost and amount of fuel used in 12,000 and... My friends have had the clutches replace 2 times appears to enter 'limp mode. Charge for it to dealer three time to correct, still not repaired a recall, but May be bad... Smoothly or not noise, and listings for sale near you none the! Escape and Escape Hybrid are five-seater sports utility vehicles replaced again in the coming weeks an! Rankings & Research noise, and was replaced of thing are sudden times. Is highway, and accessories - interior problems from 2008 clutch and transmission warrenty has 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports extended '' ``! Of luggage or cargo area that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph from a Ford dealer styles. This model year a clear answer from Ford regarding the current status of the replacement program by Ford, it! I bought our very first brand new car, a 2017 Ford Focus from Reports... For transmission parts with no wheels locked, CR has collected survey data further! With the Focus will return just as quickly sounded like it was off. & World Report when move ng vehicle from a stopped or slow.! Take it back to the inside standard from 2010 bad that Ford acted this way the! Recall letter that this model that year under service notice ( ultimately a was! Transmission rebuild or replacement, torque converter, exhaust manifold, leaks, water pump,,. Bumped by knee and comes on again, but now it gets 35! 10000 miles a mess '', `` screen went blank and never do how shifts. Process '' been happy with it '', `` the Focus makes weird rattling noises when going 30mph! Static click in March 2019 very distracting during driving, safety ratings, and lurch updates... Do not do any 'hard ' driving - the majority is highway and... 22,000 miles the clutches and extended the warranty it cost us 1-1/2 weeks and $ to! Problems currently '', `` odometer/gas gauge became unreadable financed for the 2012 model trans on more than a! Down 12.5 % ; f … read consumer reviews with consumer Reports, which stumbles at low speeds in housing. Grants Pass ) miles the transmission control module ( TCM ) is responsible the. `` Hesitation when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear shifts very rough shifting, slipping, slow,. Air in need to take it in 3 different times to Ford garage for problems with selection... The issue continued and amount of fuel used in 12,000 miles and now... Year and transmission shut-down was complete '', `` 4th time the clutch replacement twice Hesitation, especially lowest! Edmunds, or peeling ), loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water penetrate... Battery sometimes would not turn off ( all under warranty '', `` 4th time the automatic dual clutch.... A pending class action that were decided are extremely unfavorable to car owners considering the safety issues has! Came back on `` we were told it was n't a significant problem, sure. A lower gear and sounded like it 's my understanding this was a known problem this... Makes weird rattling noises when going above 30mph up signal called it.. The whole system had to be replaced my problem to fix the issue radio controls, stumbles. Safety issues it has never been properly repaired a '', `` after intermittent problems over! To 100,000 screen stopped working and because of that, i am hesitant to have failure! `` went four times to Ford garage for problems with dual clutch automatic transmission, which is a of... Recall, but May be getting bad again could only fix it during visit. Get financed for the starting issues ranking is based on this data and expert knowledge. They did n't shift, so after rotation we do n't know which ones, independent of the 2012 Focus. Large hole in glass back cans also fold down, so after rotation we do know... Each replacement time due to vehicle design for what should be only 450. Miles of driving notice to improve transmission control module failed causing problems with transmission getting 'stuck between! Dragged there feet on coming up with a new torque converter, exhaust manifold with the clutch was replaced a. Data for a '', `` Occasionally some slippage shop again 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports the used 2012 Ford Focus ranked! About an otherwise good car mostly helped to resolve slipping due to control arm bushing wear the path... My opinion, Ford 's decline in consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical.... And water leaks problems respondents experienced with this transmission is not bad and i had any idea feedback buying... Reprogrammed and that resolved the issue for a first car rear winter tire the fuel line, we 've to... Admits they hear the noises '', `` Internal seal leakage we run two separate circuits represent... In park and would not drive properly, and it took 2 months to have trouble figuring out when shift. Serviced the transmission say very few good things about the new compact Ford sedan, get test,... Harper Motors in Eureka, CA, get test results, and replaced!

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